Here we go again….

Josh, the Apple recruiter, has been in touch, with a new possibility.  The role is “Principal Hardware Engineer”, a role he has aspired to for several years.  Picture this:  dream job, in dream company.  An interview has been scheduled for next Monday, the 9th, at 7pm.  Apparently the group, known as the “Devices Division”, has viewed to his resumé, and the manager decided that this was a good opportunity for Glenn.  Although he admits that this role is a bit of a reach for him, since they would prefer a master’s degree, his vast experience could be considered an adequate substitute.  We shall see what the head honcho’s say next week.

I spent three days this week doing some heavy duty volunteer work.  There was an ad on the internet, asking for interested people to volunteer time to help at a seasonal booth at the mall, wrapping presents.  This is one of the ways that the Epileptic Society of KW raises money, to support the various programs that they offer to clients.  I’m not epileptic, nor do I know anyone who is, but it sounded like a good way for me to meet others.  Besides, wrapping gifts is such a fun seasonal thing, and it really is for a good cause.  I ended up enjoying myself thoroughly, and making a couple of friends that I hope to stay in touch with.  Meanwhile, I have two shifts next week, plus another one on the 20th.  I also told the supervisor that she could call me if they had any last minute cancellations for the day shift!

When I was out taking Peter on his afternoon walk I encountered an ex-customer from Zehrs.  She commented that she hadn’t seen me there lately, so I explained my retirement.  We chatted for a few minutes, as she shared her almonds with Peter, much to his delight!  It was agreed that working at that store was rather stressful occupation, especially with the harassing I periodically got from the managers! We parted with a ‘Merry Christmas’, as the late day wind began lashing us with bitter blades.  

Every year as the big day approaches, I can’t help but do a digital countdown.  Twenty days from today it will all be over and done, as the grey pall of boxing day settles in with a weary sigh.  Since I received admonishments of not spending too much, and keeping everything low key, I didn’t have as much fun as I usually do in my shopping.  Claire and Evan would prefer to skip the gifts in favor of IKEA gift cards that would enable them to purchase some much needed living room furniture.  As for Carolyn and Ryan, they are still pondering the details of their upcoming honeymoon next fall.  Penny pinching for this grand event only makes sense!  




One thought on “Here we go again….

  1. Would be nice if Apple just ‘s’ or get off the pot! Life is so much easier when nothing is looming like a dark thundercloud. Actually right about now I would be so content to just sit and watch a storm roll through…a summer storm that is!


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