The first thing I did when I got up this morning was fall back into bed.  This was not deliberate:  I had a vicious dose of vertigo!  I waited a moment for the ceiling to resume its rightful place overhead, and once again pushed myself into an upright position.  Whoa, not much better!  Perhaps a cup of coffee would help right the inverted.

Once up and about, I discovered the weirdest sensation came from walking.  Each step gave me the sensation that can only be described as walking on a trampoline or a mattress.  I concentrated on the feeling, trying to understand what was causing it.  Each step was finished off with a small bounce-back sensation.  Obviously, that motion didn’t really exist, but my feet thought it did!  

As I wandered around the house, I was aware of a slight queasiness coming over me.  Standing at the top of the basement stairs, I knew that there was NO way I was going down there.  The stairs were wanting to be wavy, as though a heat wave was happening down there!  Clearly that wasn’t happening, but I wasn’t taking any chances.  All these illusions were starting to mess with my peace of mind, as a shroud of confusion settled over me.  Am I losing my mind?  Rhetorically speaking, of course!  This happens when I cannot come up with a satisfactory rationalization of my body’s hi jinx, and it  serves to magnify my frustration.  

Tomorrow will see us heading down to Windsor for Anna’s annual Tree Decorating Party.  Friends and family alike will all be in attendance to watch the younger ones decorate the tree before dinner.  Then a feast of truly mammoth proportions will be enjoyed, featuring her homemade beef pies, potato casserole, roast root veggies, and broccoli casserole.  Dessert will be a large selection of Anna’s famous Christmas baking.  Weight Watchers are NOT invited!



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