Baking Day! Creating calories for charity…

Today has officially been crowned BAKING DAY.  I have several batches of cookie dough in my freezer, all champing to become actual cookies.  They are (mostly) destined for the fund raiser bake-and-craft sale at our local MS Society.  Since I can’t craft anything that anyone would want to buy, baking is my contribution.  Having years of experience baking muffins, biscuits and cookies for my friends and neighbors gives me the notion that this would be appreciated by our various supporters at the KW MS Society.  

After having attended our annual Christmas party last evening, I have amassed a tidy pile of candies that can easily be incorporated into the baked goods for the sale.  Peppermint patties, although one of my personal weaknesses, and destined to top brownies.  After being baked the patties melt into icing, ready to swirled into an appealing pattern.  

I also have made gingersnap cookie dough, which is to be rolled into balls and then into coarse sugar.  They can either be baked as is, letting them soften into rounded domes, or squished gently with a fork once or twice for a criss-cross pattern.  Cream cheese dough is also waiting in the freezer’s wings, anticipating being topped with a wee spot of jam for color.  And what would a Christmas cookie collection be without Fruitcake Cookies?  

If I still have time and energy after this collection is baked, I always have Rice Krispies on hand.  In my last bakefest I had included Stuffed Rice Krispies Squares that had a healthy handful of cookie bits mixed in, which was a popular choice.  I also tried Sweet and Salty Rice Krispies Squares, that included pretzel pieces.  The possibilities are only limited by your pantry!

Now that I think of it, I also mentioned the possibility of including some Butter Tart Muffins.  Perhaps a double batch would be good, as they are SO yummy I will have trouble hanging on to them!  Of course, I would rather have them fresher than the 3 days lead time would provide.  I guess that goes on Friday morning’s to-do list!

Having said all this, I had best get moving on my days plans!  I have been asked to bring the goodies to the MS office on Friday afternoon, so I can help get everything arranged and priced for the next day’s sale.


One thought on “Baking Day! Creating calories for charity…

  1. The aroma of all these goodies baking in your kitchen must be something to experience/enjoy! Good for you, Leann! Don’t overdo it, though, and tire yourself out. Would you share your recipe for butter tart muffins with me?


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