war zone in the subtext

Now that this dream position at Apple has come and gone,  our trusty recruiter has positions waiting in the wings.  It must be fairly easy pickings, as there are over 600 open requisitions on Apple’s home page.  Josh sent the specs to him, and he is quite chuffed at at least one of them.  Phone interviews will have to wait until the first week of December since Apple takes the whole week of Thanksgiving off as vacation!

My initial reaction of the loss of the first opportunity was sadness, as I feared his take on it would be a slap in the face.  He still bears scars from his layoff at Altera!  In the intervening time however I have had the chance to mull this ‘great adventure’, and internalize the implications.  Yes, it would be a great adventure, for HIM.  Working for the company that for him has always held such awe and devoted worship is truly a fait accompli for his career, especially as he enters its waning phase.  Yes, I would enjoy living where I could head out for a walk anytime of the year, and not worry about slipping on the ice and breaking a bone.  If we were eventually able to rent a home with space for gardening I would be delighted, as I am a devout plant lover.  Until we got our grounding in the area,  our initial digs would most likely be an apartment on the Apple campus.  Having spent a fair amount of time looking around electronically, I am eventually dreaming of either Los Gatos or Campbell, which are just outside of pricey Cupertino.

Meanwhile, while Apple takes a break and rests on its many laurels, other employers are still alive and well, and hunting.  He forwarded me an opportunity he had just received from a firm in Ottawa, and my heart skipped a beat.  THAT is MY dream locale!  Back with friends and family, in a city I know by heart.  The little devil sitting on my shoulder has asked a very justifiable (in my books) question:  when is it MY turn?  It was HIS career that brought us down here, to an area that is now staggering from the deadly blow of layoffs at Blackberry.  I will carefully omit the fact that it was ME that found him the job down here.  Hey, I only did it because he was getting increasingly despondent with the job search in Ottawa, since his own startup company was starving for contracts.  Logical Outcome burned hot for a short while, but then fizzled from lack of oxygen.  Perhaps I should slip the trump card in now that I am on such a roll:  Willa, our adorable little blue-eyed blonde granddaughter, is in Peterborough, halfway between here (Waterloo) and Ottawa.

So this is my debacle:  do I wholeheartedly applaud his pursuit of a career with the world’s biggest company*, since he has suffered SO many blows at the hands of the job market?  Or do I gently nudge him in the direction that would best serve my own purposes, hiding behind the billboard adage of “happy wife, happy life”?

Somebody please choose, and justify.



4 thoughts on “war zone in the subtext

  1. My feeling is that life is not about anybody’s TURN! Marriage is a shared journey, things change and the happy couple flows with the change. BUT sometimes the changes seem to be made for the benefit of only 1/2 the couple when in fact all change has some way of being for the benefit of both whether it seems that way at first or not! Make sense?


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