Licking our wounds

Actually, HIS wounds are at issue.  Late Thursday afternoon, he got a quick text message from Josh, the recruiter at Apple.  The job they had headhunted him for, HIS job, had just been filled.  Another candidate was an easier answer for them, one that did not require a visa, and all the associated paperwork.  This is what you get if you don’t drop everything and run, dash down to CA on the earliest available flight!

Josh DID find him another opportunity that was open, and promised to set up a phone interview with him on Monday Dec 2nd.  That is Apple’s first day back after their Thanksgiving week holiday, so I guess that is as immediate as can be expected.  Still, it isn’t as ‘perfect’ as the other role was, so he’s still in mourning.

I am a constant visitor to Apple’s job page, hoping to catch a new posting as it appears.  It is quite shocking (to me!) to see that there are over 600 open jobs there.  I can’t help but contrast it to the employment related doldrums here in Waterloo, since Blackberry is in the process of laying off 5000 staff members.  Not a great time to be contemplating selling our house certainly, but if this chance comes about, we’re outta here!

Today was blisteringly cold, with razor sharp winds gusting to 40km.  We bundled up as best we could in our 3 piece Eddie Bauer jackets, but our faces were still unprotected.  Even Peter found that the shorter the walk the better!  He was wearing the dog coat that Grandma made him many years ago, but still he shivered.  He has feathers of fur on his skinny legs, with nothing to protect them from the weather.  I feel sorry for him, but realize that snow pants for a dog would be counterproductive for the reason for the walks.  Think about it.

Meanwhile, back in reality, we finished our seasonal shopping today.  We had the usual frustrating experience of trying to find parking at the mall just a few weeks before Christmas. Naively we thought that simply going around to the back of the mall would provide lots of vacancies, but…not so much.  I am SO glad that this is over and done with, at least, I THINK it is over….


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