We just finished too much of the buffet breakfast here at the Novotel, in downtown Ottawa.  We are supposed to be meeting my girlfriends at a local church bazaar, but we’re dragging our heels.  I’m still suffering from my latest run in with a bug of some sorts, with mild nausea and the desire to be within a quick dash of the facilities.  Yesterday was misery, as I had to drug myself with a generous serving of Gravol just to endure the drive back.  As Glenn discretely commented, I dozed through the scenery of the Appalachians, something very unlike me.

Other than the aforementioned mountains, the rest of the day’s drive took us through varying shades of grey.  Just as the border neared, the Akwasasne Indian reserve came into stark view.  Abandoned, sometimes torched buildings littered the landscape, with a vacant IGA offering suitable contrast to the deluxe casino directly across the street from it.  Talk about a study in warped priorities!

We enjoyed meeting up with Carolyn and Ryan last evening in the downtown market area.  She discretely showed me pictures of her wedding gown, careful to not let the groom see them!  It is truly beautiful, a strapless gown with fitted bodice, full train and miles of lace.  It isn’t too dissimilar from my gown of years ago, although mine didn’t have a train.  Back then, in the ‘olden days’, such a thing was not as common.  She also suggested that we could perhaps start shopping for MY dress, when they are down at Christmas time.  I demurred, as I am not sure we’ll be at home for the holidays, since some rumblings of a big family Christmas at Evan’s large new home have been heard.  We shall see…..

Glenn is busy creating a slideshow of all the pictures we took during the past week.  We certainly relaxed, breathed deeply of the salty sea air, and hopefully regained our perspective of our quickly evolving lives.  No decisions are required until after his trip to CA, but then we will have to weigh our options and priorities quickly.  For now, off we go to the craft market!


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