The time has come that I can no longer postpone adding to my blog.  My excuse that I have FAR too many things on the go right now doesn’t excuse my lack of diligence.  Our week in Cape Cod has come and gone, faded into the haze of the past.  It feels like it was SO long ago, and the increased peace of mind that we hoped to earn never really settled in.  The blame for this rests securely on Apple, as his impending on-site interview is always the elephant in the room.  Despite having both agreed not to over-discuss the possibility until we know more, it is always on the tip of our tongues.  

Much to our surprise, Anna is very supportive of this venture!  We have avoided discussing it with her until last evening, fearing that she would be devastated that the proximity we have had for the past few years is slipping away.  She completely agrees with our theory that, should an offer be forthcoming,  this would be an opportunity too good to pass up.  For a company like Apple to be so passionate about recruiting Glenn, a nearly 55 year old man, is such a huge boost to his self-worth.  For that alone, this stress-laden few months will have been very much worth it.  It also helps that the Canadian tech market is once again drying up,  threatening a re-run of the dark days of Ottawa’s slump that lead us to where we are now.  RIM is following in Nortel’s footsteps, having just announced layoffs of 5000 staff.

Ten days.  That’s how long we have to wait until he hops on a plane and jets off to California.  It is difficult to do our holiday shopping with the gigantic question mark shading our view.  I have received wish lists from almost all, so it should be comparatively simple to fill in the blanks!  However, getting my brain to organize what I have and what I still need is proving to be my challenge du jour.  

My chat with Anna this morning provided me with some valuable ideas for the renovations we have planned to do to our basement bathroom.  A three piece bath has always been the plan, ensuring that there would always be a functioning bathroom, even when the main upstairs bath was undergoing major surgery.  However, Anna’s suggestion of reducing our plans to just a two-piece for this basement facility makes an awful lot of sense.  Since we already have the toilet and vanity, as well as the materials we will need to finish up the room as it is, our costs are drastically reduced.  Plus, the impact on our time frame could be massive!  The more I think about it, the more I like it.  At the moment, there is a half destroyed concrete shower stall in that room, but we have the tools we need to completely eliminate that monstrosity.  Since we have the blue drywall already, putting the room back together is very do-able.  All we still have on our shopping list is the flooring.  Hmmm…I saw some ceramic tiles on sale at Rona this week, so…

The cinnamon buns I made this morning are starting to smell very good, meaning that they’ll soon be coming out of the oven.  I plan to section off a couple of buns to take to George, my elderly neighbor who is now a widower.  This will be a difficult holiday season for him, having so recently lost his wife of many many years, Inez.  Somehow, I don’t see him staying in the house alone for very long, as he is 87 yrs old and fairly deaf.  There are a lot of seniors in this neighborhood, but they don’t seem to socialize with each other.  Every one of them is an island unto themselves!




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