Cape Code, Pt 1

The sun is shining, and the winds have stopped screaming, so this has been designated as a day to drive to the east coast of this area.  Cape Cod is someplace neither of us has visited before, so we MUST visit.  It is one of the more minor items on our joint bucket list, so off we go!

The weather has behaved well so far, but the forecast indicates that we may have a rough day tomorrow.  Rain and wet snow are to be featured, so that sounds like a good time to visit the local outlet mall.  Christmas shopping is now officially on for us Canadians, but our American neighbors will wait until Black Friday, after Thanksgiving, which is oddly scheduled for a Thursday.  I’ve never really understood that, except that it automatically gives them a four-day weekend.  Perhaps they are wise in their ways!

Cape Cod SunsetWe are 200 meters from the ocean; close enough to hear its roar, especially when the wind picks up.  Going by the two evenings we’ve been here so far, the wind picks up EVERY evening, just after dinner, making the waves thunder onto the beach.  We go to sleep listening to this powerful wind making music through the windows that are not particularly well sealed.  The fine powdery sand beach is littered with rocks of all sizes, the closer to the water’s edge the bigger the rocks.  So far, I have restricted myself to picking up just two hardball-sized rocks, hopefully to bring home to our aquarium.  I’ve done this before, in earlier travels.  I select some candidates that I feel are striking or unusual, thinking they’ll add that certain something to my garden.  Inevitably, they don’t look so stunning when I get them home, so they end up spending their ‘lives’ as drainage in flowerpots.

Our visit to the grocery store on our first day was somewhat disheartening.  We needed supplies for five days, but it cost us just under $100 for those items!  Considering our comparative numbers from our home shopping, things here are not cheap.  I blame that on this being a very touristy area, with the proximity to the beaches and the other shore amenities.  There is a collection of upscale hotels like Hilton and Radisson just down the highway, complete with casinos and their spa amenities.  Their clientele would not appreciate more discounted pricing as much as the common folk, like us!

We both agree that the landscape is not what we had expected of Cape Cod, for the most part.  The Cape itself is as preconceived, a pale sand beach with long grasses alternately waving and whipping in the incessantly variable winds.  The rest of the land surrounding that precise area is rocky, heavily treed, and sinuously hilly.  Given the choice, I much prefer this to the ‘beach scene’, as bright sunlight on pale sand is hard on the eyes.  But we HAD to see it, as it was one of the easier items remaining on our bucket list.


2 thoughts on “Cape Code, Pt 1

  1. Just smiling about Cape Cod being on your bucket list….many years ago, we visited there during the summer because Cape Cod was on our bucket list too. After our driving tour, I can still remember saying “That’s it?!?!?”. Perhaps I was expecting it to be like the Andy Williams (?) song …old Cape Cod!

    In any case, enjoy your well deserved vacation.


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