Cape Cod, Pt 2

Yesterday was a very, very  L O N G  day.  We had decided to visit the long arm of land that is commonly called “the cape”.  We set out to take the ‘scenic’ route, on the side roads that wove between all of the towns and villages.  We learned that these roads are not blessed with the same level of signage as the more travelled roads and highways!  As a result, we did quite a bit of backtracking; in order to eventually arrive at our chosen destination.

cape cod panoramaWhen we finally did arrive at the parking lot at Cape Cod, we ditched the car and walked the remaining distance to the very tip of the point.  The cold winds were   whipping us, but the sun encouraged us to keep going.  We paused and laughed with a pair of young newlyweds, who were having pictures taken on the beach.  She was dressed in a lovely white strapless gown, complete with pointy-heeled sandals.  Between the wind and the soft sand, she was having a difficult time remaining standing!  She soon called a halt to the photo shot, kicked her shoes off, and dashed for the warmth of the waiting car.

Even though we came back via the highways, we didn’t arrive back at the unit until nearly 8pm.  Dinner would be fashionably late tonight!  We consoled ourselves with the fact that this wasn’t an unusual event for us when I was working at Zehrs:  my hours usually included at least two days with shifts that ran over the dinner hour.  I am not saddened to be away from that, now that I am officially ‘retired’.  I would happily have taken on a part time job at another store, other than a grocery, but it wasn’t to be.  Despite numerous applications and even some interviews, no offers were forthcoming.  As was noted by some friends of mine, there does exist discrimination based on age in the retail world.  So…..since I’m now considered to be OLD, I shall gracefully retire at the age of 53.

Today we spent several hours at the nearby Tanger Factory Outlet Mall.  Our initial inspiration was to get a start on Christmas shopping, but we ended up buying quite a bit of stuff for ourselves.  Both of us had been postponing replacing things like winter jackets, sweaters and jeans, especially since we have been unable to find exactly what we wanted at our usual favourite stores.  For example, Glenn has a particular fondness for the 3 or 4 part jacket systems sold by Eddie Bauer.  He has had one such set for over 10 years, and has enjoyed it thoroughly!  He wanted to replace one part of the set that has become excessively worn, but EB in Canada no longer carries the line.  Luckily, the US version of that store does, so we were able to get that item today, and at a discount!  He also recommended that I get the same sort of set in the ladies section, so…..  I will now have a few more pieces to wash up and donate when I get home, as some of my jackets were ones that Mom got me.  Since she died in 1995, you can see exactly how many years ago that is.

We also did our usual visit at Oshkosh B’gosh, coming away with  nearly $150 worth of clothes for Willa, for just over $65.  A visit to the Corningware store got us the bowls for which we have been searching for months, and best yet, they’re Corelle!  Light weight and break resistant are VERY important characteristics to me!  It means that they are ME resistant.

One point that we both agree on is that we have had more acceptance of not having a zip code, but a postal code.  This means that the US has modified their computer systems to accommodate our variant information, allowing us to sign up as repeat customers, gaining us the same sort of discounts afforded to the American clientele.   It makes for a much more pleasant visit, feeling less like a foreigner.


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