Now he’s in demand!

It wasn’t that long ago, just three years,  when he couldn’t find a job anywhere in Ottawa.  That is why we’re now in Kitchener-Waterloo.  It is a fine city, but far too youth obsessed for our liking.  Perhaps that comes with the omnipresence of two universities (especially the hallowed U of Waterloo!) but there honestly are lots of other citizens.  A quietly vocal cluster of seniors demand that sidewalks never bear a trace of snow, but are otherwise silent.  Even THEY know that the youthful masses have written them off with a casual ‘whatever’.  

Now that we’re on the precipice of his trip down to the Holy land of Cupertino, he gets a surprise email.  There is a tech company in London ENGLAND that wants desperately to correspond with him.  I guess its appearance to show us that it could be worse, distance wise!  Courtesy of Linked In, they have already perused his profile, and decided that he’s an ideal match.  I guess his years dealing with Deepak at Precidia have stood him well, as this company is in a very similar line.  Of course the contact is an HR person, so he knows exactly what to say that would appeal to an ex-pat.  Described as ‘warm and friendly’, they go out for drinks every Friday after work, and are trying to get a paint-ball team together.  Their office is on the 9th floor of a building, giving them an overview of ‘all of London’, just steps from a Tube stop.  *sigh*  He would have jumped at this opportunity, had Apple not popped up.  He has always felt quite akin to Britain, and felt quite at home when he was there frequently on business.

Now I’m really confused!  I just finished talking myself into reluctant acceptance of California, and this shows up. It would be interesting if he heard both sides out, and then made a choice.  Meanwhile I’m supposed to be packing for our week in Rhode Island, but staying focussed on that is nearly impossible.  Then of course we’ve got Christmas blinking brightly on the horizon, at just seven weeks away.  As well, I’m supposed to do some baking for the MS fundraiser bake and craft sale.  Several of the members of the local group are avid knitters, spending their free time all year knitting toques, scarves and sweaters, as well as headbands and mittens.  I bought a cute little sweater for just $6 for Willa, who will of course model it for anyone that asks.

My empty suitcase is mumbling in the back room, wanting to be dealt with in a more timely fashion.  My mind is so fractioned I am having trouble deciding what to do first, to say nothing of packing.  I described it to Glenn as thinking through whipped cream, to which he had no response.  Speaking of which, I must try to remember (HA!) to ask the neurologist if they have received the results of my cognitive testing, which was only done 4 months ago, 2 blocks from the doctors office.  I would far rather my MS mess with my physical self than my mental abilities.  If there’s thing that a writer never wants its to be at a loss for words.  


3 thoughts on “Now he’s in demand!

  1. Paint ball eh? Friday drinking…hmmmm…be afraid…paint ball can be just as bad as or maybe even worse then the curling rink!!!!!!
    How nice for Glenn though…so great for his self confidence!


    1. Keep in mind, Evan is an uber paintball dude. They’d be getting a two-fer, a top geek and a line on a high end paintball source! Ev just msg’d me from the Vancouver airport, so I am assuming business is good….


  2. It never rains but it pours (with job offers)!

    Enjoy your vacation!

    I know what you mean by one’s acceptance of physical limitations vs mental limitations – both can be hell on earth but the latter seems less acceptable than the former.


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