Suspended Animation

He has been chatting with ex-coworkers, the ones that are already living in CA.  One of them jokingly said that December is not the most advantageous time to visit.  The real convincer is arriving in February!  Leaving the cold white north and arriving in the mild, sunny southwest is one amazing arm-twister!  THIS after having told ourselves that we NEEDED the seasonal variation that Canada provides, since we were first visiting CA when he was with Altera.  I should also mention that CA has TWO seasons:  green and brown.  During ‘brown’, there are also rampant wildfires, but I don’t think that includes concrete jungles, for the most part!

Whilst I was driving him in for his 9AM meeting this morning, I suggested that he should have a rough idea of what level of income we would need there, in order to cope with the astronomically high rent.  Here, we are paying a pumped up $1000 per month for our mortgage, in order to pay it off more quickly.  There, we would have to pay 2-3000 per month just in RENT!  Buying there would be quite impossible, as real estate buying is even more insanely expensive that the rentals.  To replace this wee house would be over three quarters of a million dollars, and it wouldn’t be anywhere near where he would be working.

Unfortunately, he won’t be able to guesstimate how much income we’d require until he gets down there, and checks into things like the cost of gas, groceries, and others things that are a part of everyday life.  We are living life on hold at the moment; suspended animation is a lifestyle.  I am suddenly very conscious of NOT stocking up on good sales at the grocery, knowing that we might not need that case of stewed tomatoes, or cream of mushroom soup.  Even the email I got yesterday about the jeans on sale at Cleo hasn’t got me heading out the door.  I have three pair;  do I really need more, especially with not knowing how much use I would have for them?  CA is certainly warmer than here, with the current temperature being in the high teens (C).  

Our original intention when we booked next week’s vacation was to “get away from it all”.  We fondly recall our trip to New Hampshire a couple of years ago, when we hiked til exhausted on dry days, and stayed in and read countless books on the rainy days.  Most of all, we  R E L A X E D, and left all the stresses of our life behind.  This time, I’m not so sure we will be able to leave our major stressors completely behind, as the big one tends to hang over our heads like the sword of Damocles, ready to drop at any moment.



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