The Royal Invite

Step 3 is about to commence.  That is, if you feel December 2nd comes under the general heading of “about”.  He will leave here on the 1st, from our wee Waterloo airport, fly to Chicago, then off to San Jose.  At least, those are the steps we hope they will choose, as it is all being taken care of by THEM.  I believe they call these people “talent coordinators”, who are part of the “Traffic Department”.  For a fellow that has in recent years sworn that he does NOT want to be part of another BIG company, I think he’s about to become ‘just a number’ once again.

I am assuming that he will get the necessary information at this interview to figure out HOW in heck we could make this move.  I happen to know for a fact that this little house is months away from being ready to put on the market.  All of the half-finished jobs weigh heavily on my to-do list, and his as well.  We have a gorgeous bathroom planned for the basement, and we even have about half of the stuff we need for it.  Unfortunately, first we need a plumber to come in and run new pipes, which will involve breaking up the existing concrete floor.  We still have a couple of items on our shopping list as well, like the material for in-floor heating, and the basis for the shower stall itself!  New flooring material has been waiting until we make our final measurements, ensuring that what we want to do is in fact do able.  I guess the shower head and taps would be helpful too.  But we DO have a new toilet, new vanity and taps, new towel bars and tp holder.  See?  We’re almost there.

All along the plans have been that we can’t do anything major with the main floor bathroom until the basement one is operational.  We repainted it, walls AND vanity, in order to play down the ‘pinkness’ of it all.  New vanity light fixture, and assortment of dazzling but complimentary towels, a new ceiling fan/light, new dual flush toilet.  We can dress it up, but still it remains a basically prehistoric 1957 bathroom.  BUT as soon as the basement bathroom is operational, we can plan the demo of the Flintstone’s bathroom!  Amazingly, it will be less of a earth-moving reno, as shower stalls of today will neatly slide into the old bathtub footprint.  The massive old vanity will likely pull apart with very little effort, clearing the way for some nice new ceramic installed over a heating pad, of course.  For the new vanity/vanities, we feel that the newer wall hung ones would keep the visual space looking decent, turning our tiny ‘galley’ style bath into a more sumptuous spa-like space.  I may be reaching there, but I can always hope!

There are obviously still some fairly significant items on my bathroom shopping list, but due to the dollars involved, it is a good thing to space out, so they don’t all show up on one killer bill!  We’re off to Lowe’s this afternoon, and will check to see if any of the items on our list and suddenly popping up on sale.


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