Winds of change

This has been an insane few days.
Glenn is being actively pursued by Apple Computer, in Cupertino California.
We have been rather loosely connected with them over the years.  It started with Glenn signing us up for “Geek Cruises”  which run in various locales all over the world.  He figured it was one way to take an awesome vacation, and at the same time network with other Geeks.  During our trips, he’s met some fairly high placed folks, who all told him that he’s a “geek’s geek”, because he’s the guy that geeks go to when they need an answer!  Apple is one of the main supporters of this cruise organization.
Anyway, several of the engineers Glenn worked with at Nuvation when he first came to Waterloo, left that company shortly after Glenn went to Aeryon.  They were head hunted en masse by Apple.    Like many firms do, they probably offered a cash bonus if there was anyone they knew of that would be a good fit for the company.  Bingo!  The ex-coworker that made the referral contacted him last night, just to chat.  He is loving it there, as are the other Nuvation guys.  He gave Glenn an idea of how fast Apple likes to get things done with their recruiting.  Based on that, we’d be looking at him starting there just after Christmas probably.
My stomach is one GIGANTIC knot.  Everything in our lives just seems to be pressing fast forward.  Since I left Zehrs, I have applied for a couple of jobs (part time retail), but no responses.  On the other hand, though he was desperately frustrated and unhappy a month ago, Glenn seems to have worked out a position that both he and the CEO at Aeryon are pleased with.  Now this!
He had his first interview on Friday evening.  An email in response arrived two hours later.  His next interview is Monday evening.  After that, should the company wish, he’ll be invited for an on-site interview at the Apple ‘Spaceship’ aka head office, in Cupertino.
I know this is all very exciting for him, but luckily he is as apprehensive as I am.  He has been advised that ex-pats are generally better to plan on renting than buying, concerning accommodations.  That way, the American tax folks aren’t watching you to find a way to hit you with capital gains tax!  Of course, the prices of houses in Cupertino has nothing to do with it:  this house down there would be between half and three quarters of a million dollars.  A two bedroom apartment to rent is about two thousand per month.  These numbers come from my surfing online, so are not exact, just rough examples.
Tomorrow, I’m going to a pot luck lunch at the MS Society.  My chance to think about something, ANYTHING else!  I’ll be home after 3pm, but will have to go back out and pick Glenn up at 5.  Josh, from Apple, will be calling here at 6pm.

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