Can’t, and Won’t, wait

My GP’s office called today.  The second ultrasound that was supposed to be scheduled in December has suddenly been pushed up to next week, Halloween morning at 9:15!  Apparently, the radiologist didn’t like the looks of my “lump/lymph note” with the extensive blood supply.   And he/she doesn’t subscribe to the doctrine of ‘watchful waiting’.  He wants the repeat ultrasound done post-haste!

So, off to the Freeport Campus of the Grand River hospital I go.  Luckily, Glenn will drive me there, and wait while I get another layer of cold slime plastered on my chest.  Thats okay, I’ll take this any time in preference to the ….cement roller that is a mammogram.  I swear that hideous device is responsible for making me consider a modeling career in …… National Geographic!  The girls are now so deflated, and swingin’ SO low that I now have less trouble touching my toes, but not necessarily with my fingers.

And on a different subject, my hubby just got a request for a second interview with Apple, this time a ‘phone interview with online coding’.  This just two hours after his chat with Jeff….

This certainly solves the issue of not worrying about the bump.  I’ve got bigger fish to fry!

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