An Apple a day…..??

Must remember to send a sweet little thank you note to those fellows he worked with, the ex-Nuvation, now Apple, guys.  They have been tooting Glenn’s horn a bit too much to the higher management.  Last week, an Apple recruiter sent Glenn a friendly note requesting his CV, which he did.  Shortly thereafter, he received a second note, this time requesting an over-the-phone interview on Friday evening, at 6pm.  

It went well, with Scott Kreiger telling him that he was even more than they hoped for.  He said that he’d be talking to his managers early next week, and would get back to him shortly thereafter.  Scott also mentioned that the process of hiring a non-US citizen involved a LOT of steps, including an H1B visa.  This normally would be nearly impossible to obtain……except for Apple.  The little computer company that could is now a multinational success story, with a higher market cap than almost any other firm anywhere,

There is an excellent chance that they will want his next interview to be an in-person in the Apple ‘Spaceship’, aka head office in Cupertino, California.  I also suspect that this would NOT include a ticket for me to go with him, at least not the first time.

In answer to the obvious question, YES, he’s excited, and NO, he has not completely discounted the possibility of doing this.  I think he figures that if Apple wants a 55 year old (by the time this all gets done) Canuck engineer bad enough to make him an offer…..  well, this would definitely be the last hurrah of his career!  This is something he has always fantasized about, since Apple is a devout religion to him.  Neither he nor I ever thought he’d possibly have this chance, as he’s not a spring chicken, and hasn’t been for a LOT of years.  But here he is, eyes still sparkling from his chat with the recruiter…..

How could I burst his balloon?


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