Fingers crossed!

My interview at Homesense this afternoon went very well, from my perspective.  She gave me a standard application to fill in, and pointed out the spot where references go.   It was requested that I return the application either this evening or tomorrow, as she would be discussing the candidates with the store manager on Friday.

I’m having a bit of a debacle, concerning references.  When I recently applied at Tanjay, I supplied references from my days with Tabi.  Jackie was the manager of the Carlingwod store, and Colleen was the assistant manager at the Hazeldean store.  They have both worked with me, and know me fairly well.  Since Jackie is now the manager of the Hazeldean TanJay, and Colleen the assistant manager, they seemed like an obvious choice.

Something, somehow, went VERY wrong however.  After my interview with the store manager AND the district manager, I felt very confident of getting an offer.  That was two weeks ago.  I was originally told that the managers would be calling me in the evening after my interview.  So when I didn’t hear anything for a couple days, I called the store, in case there had been a miscommunication.  I was very tersely told “DON’T call us, we’ll call you”, and she hung up on me!

A few days later, I found the same job on a local job board as a ‘new’ listing.  I thought about it, and decided that it was worth a shot:  I sent a note to the address specified (the area manager), giving her two different names as references.  Both Tammy and Stephanie were good friends with me, while I was still in Ottawa, and I know that they both felt I was a great staff member at TanJay.  I got a quick response:  job listings remain posted until they are filled.  So I am no further ahead on knowing what went wrong!

Now, I have got to come up with another couple references, for my skills and abilities in a work situation.


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