One door closes….

I have now been voluntarily unemployed for four days.  My latest doctors visit had her STRONGLY urging me to get out of the line of (viral) fire, and get out of the grocery store.  I handed in my resignation on Tuesday morning, and received hugs and farewells from coworkers.  It didn’t really hit me as to what I had done until the next morning.  Suddenly, I don’t HAVE TO organize my day around the hours on my work schedule.  The lack of a framework to my days did not sit easy, and I found myself wandering through my first couple of days, feeling as though I had forgotten something….

Peter the dog for one applauds this decision.  If I’m home, the odds of a walk or playing catch increase immeasurably, which is always excellent in his books.  Even now, as I sit here typing on my laptop, I have a relaxed audience of four elderly cats.  They all want to be in the same room as people are.  Even Peter has decided that his new ‘cave’ is behind Glenn’s recliner, here in the living room.

Lace Vine on the back of my house
Lace Vine on the back of my house

IMG_0293Luckily, Mother Nature seems intent on cheering me.  The huge old maple on the lawn across the street has turned a neon orange.  I’ve not often seen a tree so intent on waving its branches and shouting LOOK AT ME!!!!  The lemon yellow leaves of its neighbors are pushed into the background as this blazing beauty takes center stage.  I assume that this the definition of ‘owning the stage’ as well!  Fortunately for me, it is truly a welcome distraction from my introspective funk, as I attempt to reinvent my purpose in life.

As for the TanJay situation, I happened to see the same job advertised again on a local job board.  I sent a note in response, to the district manager, providing her with another two references from my retail career.  No response so far.  I also dropped off a resumé at The Bay at the mall, and she urged me to go on line and fill out an application as well.  But…that is IT!  No more teeny weeny jobs paying just enough to cause the government to claw it back because of my disability pension.  When you total it all up, I’ve been working to pay tax.

Yesterday I stepped WAY out of character, and attended the meeting of the Crafts for a Cure club at our local MS society.  I warned the gal in charge that I was really NOT gifted in the arts and crafts sector, but she chuckled and said I wouldn’t be alone.  As it turned out, it was NOT an opportunity for the group to do crafts, but a prep session for our fundraiser craft show at the end of next month.  Two of the gals are avid knitters, and they spend untold hours knitting scarves, toques, and childrens’ sweaters.  These two sisters compete with each other for quantity AND quality, using donated wool as well as their own purchases.  Four huge Rubbermaid containers were lugged into the room, and the contents sorted by item, color, size and features.  We then spent an amiable couple of hours preparing tags, arguing over pricing, and generally chatting happily.  One of the younger gals mentioned having adopted a dog recently from the Humane Society.  He had been a stray that no one claimed, a six year old Shih Tzu Poodle mix.  After a few weeks, he was beginning to calm down and relax with the kids.  Lucky pup!

Later this afternoon, we plan to head out to Kincardine to check out the restaurant that has tentatively been chosen for Ryan and Carolyn’s wedding rehearsal dinner.  She is most anxious to have things nailed down, so perhaps this will alleviate some of her stress.  She did manage to get another contract job, doing research for the Federal Government Library Services department.  It is to last until the end of March.  Then, she’s thinking of going to teachers’ college!  Good luck to her, as I’ve heard that the jobs are few.  On the other hand, there is constant fretting about there being a glut of teachers retiring within the the next few years.

I think that I’ll take this opportunity to rake some leaves.  It is comfortably cool today, and the local trees are doing their part!  We are expecting the “leaf sucker” to come through the area any week now.  Even though we got our flue shots last evening, I think that some fresh air would do us good!


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