Smack down

I really don’t know how it happened. One minute I was heading down the TWO steps from the back hallway, the next I am splayed awkwardly on the grubby concrete floor of the garage, using language that would be better suited to a rowdy bar. Luckily, Glenn and Peter were too discrete to comment!

My souvenir of this wee tumble is one badly scraped up and painfully swollen knee. Even hobbling is a challenge! Just to add to my problems, my little sniffle has headed straight into my chest, making me wish I had brought my steroid puffer. Since my MS drug is now acknowledged to predispose me to chest infections, I now have yet another battle to wage.

This has led me to a very reluctant conclusion: working in a grocery store is no longer in my best interests. If Joe Average is hacking a d sneezing, sharing untold viruses and bacteria, he will STILL go to the grocery store if he runs out of milk. This is not the case at a clothing store. Women, being more sensible creatures, do NOT shop for clothes if they feel like crap. They at least KNOW that they won’t like anything they put on if they feel like hell, and will stay HOME if they are sick!

Therefore, I have an interview next Tuesday at 9:30AM at the TanJay store at our local mall. Not only am I VERY familiar with their product, I won’t be destined to just standing in one spot for my entire shift! As I recall from my time at TanJay in Ottawa, scurrying back and forth from the sales floor to the stockroom to the cash desk will be my role. Additionally, I will be getting more exercise, a benefit to be sure! Yes, I will likely do a lot of bouncing back and forth between walls and racks, occasionally looking like a staggering drunk, but they’ll get used to me. This of course presumes they offer me a job! The store manager AND the regional manager are doing the interview, so I’ll have to be extra impressive! Better do my homework and learn all about their newest product lines! Thank goodness for the internet!

Meanwhile, I have three days to banish any signs of this brewing chest cold. Guafenison, here I come!


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