He was warned.  Along the lines of the old adage “go to bed with a dog and wake up with fleas”, my dear husband is ill.  While I am on my last day of antibiotics, he is heading to the doctor this afternoon.  He actually took the day off work!  It usually takes an Order of Parliament together him to do this.  I guess that is indicative of just how yucky he is feeling.

I am a bit concerned that I haven’t heard back from my interview with Tanjay yet.  Perhaps a phone call this morning would yield me some information.  Good or bad, I need to know what is up, so I can re-plan my life.  Having a schedule to work around gives me a framework, providing the organizational basis my MS addled brain craves!

The weather continues to be quite awesome;  soft warm air, milky sunshine, lazy breezes. Mother Nature is pausing to reflect, perhaps considering when she should call a halt to this ambient period in which we now luxuriate. The calendar has been drumming its fingers, sighing loudly, and sniffing irritably, but to no avail. There is a rumour of an approaching cold rainy front arriving Sunday, but for the intervening time we will stay warm.

Glenn’s visit to the doctor was expectedly non productive. She pronounced him as having a virus, that had not become bacterial yet. No antibiotics needed until he developed bronchial or chest congestion. Should that happen he was to call the office, and the would phone a scrip down to the pharmacy. I know he feels quite awful, as this was the stage I was at this past weekend, while at Evan and Claire’s. He just hasn’t gotten to the violently coughing up a lung stage yet! Hopefully , he won’t, as we are invited down to Paul and Cheryl’s for Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday.

In the interim, we have Carolyn and Ryan stopping in tomorrow. They have planned various tastings for their wedding caterers on Saturday, then Thanksgiving with her family, in Kincardine. I am still trying to figure out what to serve for dinner tomorrow night that will please everyone. In the meantime, I need to get tonight’s dinner going, as my growling stomach reminds me of the time.


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