Happy to help!

This weekend will be an ordeal, AND a culmination of many hours of joys, frustrations, and tears. THIS weekend, Evan Claire and Willa, as well as dogs Molly and Frank, will move into their new home. With the help of several strong friends, the moving day will start bright and early Saturday morning.

Glenn will be in charge of installations, and manning the BBQ for cooking the burgers, sausage and dogs. I will be in charge of directing traffic, and keeping Willa happy. Since Peter is also going with us, we are hoping he will do his usual Border Collie thing and herd the other two dogs around their own new fenced backyard!

The frustrations that they have lived though in the past six weeks culminated in the loss of the house they desperately wanted. It was a small bungalow that was owned by an elderly couple, that needed to move closer to their kids, for health reasons. The had updated the home recently, with a cherrywood kichen, hardwood floors, new bathroom, and a pellet stove. It was a few minutes outside the city of Peterborough, and had a huge detached two car garage, perfect for storing all of the stock for Evans paintball dealership. As the Canadian representative for Milsap, a high end line of paintball equipment, he routinely holds and sells thousands of dollars worth of these products. That house, and it’s outbuildings, were the perfect foils for his needs.

Now that that deal fell apart, he knew he needed to find a rental home that would fill as many of these requirements as possible. In a rare conspiracy of good fortune, a nearby home came up for rent. Backing on a local golf course, this 2700 square foot home seemed like a lofty option for the little family. However, after getting more information on the details, they realized that it was really quite perfect. They signed the contract the next morning.

We are all looking forward to this weekend.


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