A nasty re-run!

Ev and Claire’s new house is HUGE, probably even bigger thn our ‘big’ home in Carp. It is definitely in need of some TLC, but the owner DID just give most walls a fresh coat of paint. Although he was fine with them removing old wallpaper and applying paint, we cautioned them. The owner even offered to reimburse them for the costs of such activities, but I could see their wheels turning in a certain direction!

They are both still licking their wounds from their failed attempt to buy a wee bungalow on the outskirts of town. Thus, the have emotionally embraced this rental home, and are already chatting with each other what the could do to make it “just perfect!” The cracked ceramic tile on the kitchen floor would be ever so easy to replace, and the 80’s decor in the main bath would be easily updated with a new sink and toilet!

When they, wide-eyed, asked the owner if he might consider selling it to them in a year or two, he smiled. Yeah, I muttered, he will happily sell it to you, at market rate, based on all the improvements you have made! I know, I’m a born cynic.

On my way out of my house into the garage, before we left for Peterborough, I tripped on the last step, and fell onto the concrete. OWW! I hit my head on the toolbox beside the steps, and landed on my knee. The air was delicately tinted by my carefully selected flowery verse when Glenn came rushing to my rescue. He helped me up, and we were soon on our way.

We were there just a few hours when my next discovery reared its irritating head. The tickle cough that had bothered me all day had become a bit more substantial. By the time we left for home on Sunday evening, I knew I was in trouble. My visit to my GP this morning confirmed it. Just like I did last February in Arizona, I have bronchitis. Off work for a week, she pronounced.

Of course, this will NOT stop me from attending my morning interview at the TanJay, in our local mall. Doctor’s orders, no more working at a grocery store! Simple human behaviour determines the logic of her order. If a person is desperately ill but is out of milk, they will go to the store anyway. If the same desperately ill person wants a new piece of clothing, they will wait to shop when they are feeling better. Therefore, find a clothing store to work at!

As you all well know, I always do as I’m told, especially if it’s in my own best interests!


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