Watchful waiting

Despite the calendar saying that it is now October, the thermometer says otherwise. That may be temporary, as the forecast is warning of several wet days ahead. So, goodbye to the soft golden days with gentle warm breezes, let my tears bid you farewell. My clenching fear of icy walkways is tempered by the milder climate of this western Ontario waistband. Our presence here of two years is finally providing us a feeling of home, though there are still too many comparisons.

Having decided that double shifts are NOT in my best interests, I turned down a request for same earlier today. Thanks to the passage of nearly two years of employment at Zehrs, I have edged up in seniority. This means that I will get offered extra shifts before those that started since I did. The joys of unions. As to why I balked at today’s shift, well, I have learned my lesson. I had an 8am shift on Saturday, and was offered the the extended hours, til 6pm, as I entered the building. Sure, no problem. Well, by that evening, PROBLEM! I was so tired that I was in bed by 9pm. My shift the next day was at 11am. By noon, I was definitely ill. I was sent home, whereupon I went back to bed, and slept until supper.

Recently, my GP arranged for me to have a mammogram at a local hospital. She must have a close acquaintance with these folks, as she knew that they would hound me until I actually went through with it. I had successfully avoided this test for many years by conveniently forgetting appointments, but no more. And dr Sofranova was right, it wasn’t quite as hideously painful as I remembered. And the bonus is that I now hang only a couple of centimetres lower than before! National Geographic begone!

Surprisingly, the super duper high tech cement roller at that hospital actually found something. Two days later I was having an ultrasound of one of the girls. The tech had no trouble finding the five centimetre offender. She had easily pronounced it to be a lymph node, and noted its extensive blood supply.

Two days after that, another call. Under the heading of watchful waiting, I have another ultrasound in two months. The generous blood supply was a concern, apparently. What the tech pronounced as a lymph node may in fact be the devil in disguise!


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